The MPI Narada SMART – BI Series onboard discrete battery monitoring device provides a new level of cost effective battery management whereby indicating a battery’s true end-of-life.
The SMART – BI provides continuous measurement of battery state-of-health (SOH) for in-service, float charge, lead acid batteries used in a standby backup power application.
The SMART – BI establishes a unique baseline Ohmic value for each battery that is hard coded into the device. This measured baseline value eliminates the inaccuracies associated with generic averages and theoretical baseline values that can vary from battery to battery by as much as ±10%.
The SMART – BI, in addition to Ohmic value trend analysis measures individual battery temperature, and battery voltage. Utilizing temperature, Ohmic (SOH) change and voltage, the SMART – BI provides battery end-of-life and operational warning notification through the device visual display, LED illumination, and a dry contact alarm.
As a result, the SMART – BI is one of the most accurate Ohmic battery predictive devices available.
SMART-BI modules are NEBS Level 3 certified compliant and CE certified.


(Critical Power – UPS)




(Telecom – SOH only)


BI Smart 400


(Generator – Starting)


_square  Maintain Total Awareness while Deploying Devices

Information plus visibility enables leaders to manage assets more effectively to achieve significant business advantage.The MPI Narada intelligent site management solution (OMS) capture, store, and analyze site and device data throughout your assets’ life-cycle and beyond to improve up-time and reliability by detecting and preventing issues.
Asset Owners – Gain complete access to devices while outsourcing services
Service Providers – Save time and money with on-site data collection and collaboration
Gain visibility into assets and insight into system Obtain information required to help prioritize planning and recovery efforts, and correct safety issues.
Increase grid network Strengthen your competitive position by reducing downtime, increasing reliability, and reducing churn.
Improve decision support. Understand when service is due rather than wait for an issue.
Forecast asset availability to annualize modernization and renewal programs.
Ensure compliance Implement industry and company best practices while minimizing the cost of compliance.
Greener Reduce waste and on-site visits while maximizing asset life.