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Uninterruptable Power Supply UPS Solutions
  • Today only 15% of UPS battery customers take advantage of battery monitoring. That means 85% do not use battery monitoring. Why? Primarily because of the high cost of battery monitoring equipment, analytical services cost and the sheer complexity of monitoring equipment.
  • For just slightly more than customers pay for just a battery, we offer an integrated battery and monitoring solution. Our offering includes High Rate UPS batteries, remote monitoring and an extended warranty. Our Platinum warranty covers the cost of the battery, installation and transportation. Our customers know their total cost of ownership from the date of purchase.
  • MPI Narada® are the first in the industry to offer solutions that can be purchased as OPEX or CAPEX. Batteries-as-a-Service™ allows customers to purchase batteries on a monthly payment plan with a multi year agreement. No upfront cost, easy to budget and fully turnkey.
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Innovative battery solutions for Telecom
  • Some of the largest telecom carriers and OEMS globally will attest to our quality, long-life and innovative battery solutions. Our solution allows carriers to install batteries and never have to pay for ongoing maintenance. For just slightly more than our customers were paying for just a battery, MPI Narada offers an integrated battery with monitoring.
  • telecom solution Each battery includes a “Battery Gas Gauge” that simply displays the battery's state of healthy on the front of the battery. This allows the technician to always know if the battery will perform and when it needs to be replaced. MPI Narada® offers both a visual indicator at the site or remote alarm that is sent through the equipment’s controller. Both methods effectively notify the company that the batteries are reaching their end of life.
  • No more expensive audits, costly annual testing or site failures because of batteries. MPI Narada® hardens sites, reduces operational cost and monitors the batteries for their usable life.
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Solutions for all your battery needs


Batteries-as-a Service

MPI Narada®-BPPA™ offers a 5-year cradle-to-grave program that includes Narada batteries, BatteryInformer® remote battery monitors, BatteryNOC® 24/7 monitoring services, national installation and preventative maintenance, a full 5-year warranty and BattRack™ rapid response replacement batteries.

We make the planning, purchasing and budgeting of your battery purchases very simple. We offer a five year Batteries as a Service (BaaS™) for a fixed price per month, per battery cabinet. No upfront capital required. We transfer the purchase from a capital expenditure to an operational expense. You know your total cost of ownership for five-years at the time of purchase. It allows for simple budgeting, reduced management, easy planning and no unexpected expenses. Our offering allows you to focus on your core business while increasing efficiency and increasing uptime.


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BattRack Cabinet Solution

BattRack™ Battery Cabinet Solution

BattRack™ BRU-series integrated battery cabinet solution offers a turn-key battery and battery cabinet option for UPS battery backup.

Cabinet solutions are available in both size and color to match most UPS system manufacturers.

Cabinet solutions can be equipped with an optional circuit breaker for either external or internal disconnect access, fusing, optional levelers, casters, hinged doors or system overcurrent protection.

Cabinet solutions can be integrated with the MPI Narada® providing battery state of health, remote monitoring and battery warranty management.


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BatteryNOC® is an enterprise cloud based monitoring service that collects, organizes and analyzes battery data. BatteryNOC® offers customers the ability to more accurately manage their battery networks; including managing assets, extending the usable life of batteries and proactively predicting the batteries’ state of health.

BatteryNOC® offers reporting of battery state of health, warranty tracking, replacement forecast and budgetary planning reports.


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