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HLR VLRA Batteries

Narada, established in 1994 has become one of the leading battery manufacturers and global battery suppliers of Lead Acid and Li-Ion Industrial batteries.

Narada offers a wide range of battery products spanning the motive power, renewable energy storage, reserve power, high rate critical power and high cycling applications.

Product technologies range from Flooded Lead Acid to VRLA AGM and GEL to VRLA Lead Carbon, Pure Lead and High Temp to LiFePO4 batteries.

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The MPI Narada SMART-Series onboard discrete battery monitoring device provides a new level of cost effective battery management whereby indicating a battery’s true end-of-life.

The SMART-Series MPI Narada module provides continuous measurement of battery state-of-health (SOH), temperature, and voltage for in-service, float charge, lead acid batteries used in a standby backup power application.

Three models are available: Reserve power Outside Plant – Remote applications (500), Critical Power UPS – Data Center applications (600) and Generator starting battery applications(400).

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BattRack Cabinet Solution


MPI Narada offers UPS – Indoor and Telecom – Outdoor integrated cabinet solutions in combination with the NARADA batteries. Turnkey battery replacement/installation service administration and coordination and battery monitoring options are available as a single supplier solution through MPI Narada.

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